By Greg Douglas – Dr. Sport


SCENE & HEARD: So much has been said and written about Alumni Day at the Races this Father’s Day afternoon, it was almost overlooked that there are so many father-and-son working relationships right here at Hastings.

And to the best of our research, one father-daughter combination with Sarah Hall exercising horses for her dad Phil, who’s been leading the trainer standings since the start of this 2017 season.

With input from noted Hastings analysts Randy Goulding, Drew Forster and Dan Jukich, it seemed only appropriate to extend greetings today to all of those fathers whose offspring have joined them in the rigors of life at the racetrack.

In no particular order – listing the sons first – here’s the impressive list of ‘family ties’:

John and Mel Snow, Jesse and John Morrison, Taylor and Mike Anderson, Robbie and Steve Henson, Shane and Rob Gilker, Darcy and Frank Barroby, Trapper and Harold Barroby, Randy and Jim Brown, Drew and Dave Forster, Mike and Don Morison, Corky and Wayne Russell, Jose and Gabriel Asencio, Dino, Lacky and Nick Condilenios, Ryan and Roger Hopkins.

It’s an interesting group in the sense that most of the dads are trainers … but not all of them. Nick Condilenios for example, works in the barns for Dino while brother Lacky and his family operate Trackers diner in the backstretch.

Corky Russell, son of senior steward Wayne, is the custodian of the jockeys room while Randy Brown, son of Jim, is a jockey agent. Horse owner Ryan Nugent-Hopkins’ commitments with the Edmonton Oilers oftentimes results in his dad Roger looking after things on the racing front.

Jose and Gabriel Asencio are the unique father-son jockey combo at Hastings. Gabriel has been at his son’s bedside as he continues to recover from the horrific spill two weeks ago.

To all of these proud, hard-working fathers we wish them continued success and good health. Today is “their” day and each of them deserves a loving pat on the back.